Theosophical Octaves Law Explained


I want now to explain something that may be a bit puzzling for some people. In various works of, say, P. Uspenski (like the Fourth Way), one finds references about octaves in relation to planets, orbits, the universe etc. One may not understand, in principio, what this relation might signify. I will explain briefly and only, as I said, in principio.

First of all, Uspenski was a mathematician. Music is one of the four parts of mathematics. Only recently has music been separated from maths, with detrimental consequences for science. D. Lekkas has reunited music and maths the previous decade.

An octave in physics means “the double frequency”. If La (A4) is 440 Hz, an octave higher (A5), is 880 Hz. It is a very simple and fundamental concept.

Now, 1 Hz is, by definition, one cycle (period) per second. The lowest note, C0 is 16.35 Hz and the highest frequency belongs to D#8, which is 4978,03 Hz. Therefore, one could say, that if for example something had a period of say 16.35 revolutions per second (a fan or a car wheel), it is a C0, or if a tennis ball is spinning at 4978,03 Hz, that would be a D#8. If you walk around your house and you need 100 seconds for that, that would be 0,01 Hz or about 11 octaves lower than F0 which has a frequency of 21,83. Likewise, a planet could have an orbit that is many many octaves lower than a specific note, and an electron has a frequency that is many many octaves higher than a certain note.

If you would think now that music, as a part of mathematics is necessary to describe the universe, you would be correct.

Konstantinos P.

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