If Logic: True, then why Logical Positivism: False

Logical positivism was built on a contradiction. Formal mathematical symbolic logic (henceforth simply logic), as the most important scientific tool is on the same time the cornerstone of science, the reason being that logic is the only generally accepted route of putting together antecedents and reaching a sane and safe conclusion. Logic is concerned with the form of a syllogism, not with its semantic content; therefore, logic is formal; this means that it is void of meaning. Like the rest of mathematics, it is axiomatically set and its symbols are void of signified content.

So when one tries to support a verifiability principle seeking mathematical proofs in observed phenomena (and Not in “veritas”=reality/truth, which is NOT observed), one has taken the first step towards disaster. Add to that a number of premises derived from the work of one of the greatest comedians of modernity, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and you may very easily get the whole picture.

Thing is that scientists nowadays regress to what logical positivists cranked up and try to support their findings implementing observatory data. Or, even worse, they fantasize that they are basing their theories on experiments. At some point though, logic must prevail, if what we want is science and not empiricist essays.

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